We have too many inspirational people to fit on one page. These are just some of those people who look forward to working with you. Please click on the images below to read short biographies for each of our key members of staff.

Partners and Staff

Mark Wildi</br><span class="job-title">Tax Partner</span>
Andrew Meredith</br><span class="job-title">Audit & Accounts Partner</span>
Christopher Jones</br><span class="job-title">Audit & Accounts Partner</span>
Louise Hallsworth</br><span class="job-title"> Audit Partner</span>
Paul Smith</br><span class="job-title">Audit Manager</span>
Gemma Chan</br><span class="job-title">Audit Manager</span>
Vinnie Rome</br><span class="job-title">Personal Tax Manager</span>
Nick Luck</br><span class="job-title">Personal Tax Manager</span>
Mary Tran</br><span class="job-title">Corporate Tax Manager</span>
Sherry Taylor</br><span class="job-title">Payroll Manager</span>
Roger Killick</br><span class="job-title">SAGE Consultant</span>
Marie-Emma Mahir</br><span class="job-title">Marketing and Business Development Manager, Project Manager and HR Officer</span>
Matthew Godfrey</br><span class="job-title">Senior Payroll Administrator</span>
Sam Breeze </br><span class="job-title">Senior Payroll Administrator</span>


David Cheek </br><span class="job-title">Consultant</span>
David Walsh</br><span class="job-title">Audit Partner</span>

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