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Chartered Certified Accountants

Salisbury is a cathedral city located in Wiltshire in the South of England, with a population of around 45,000. The city is famous for its history – being in close proximity to Stonehenge and with Salisbury Cathedral possessing the highest church spire in England. It is closely connected to London and the south coast through South Western Railway and by car you can reach London in around 2 hours via the M3.

With over 45 years of operation as chartered accountants, our team at Baxter & Co have developed our reputation through supporting businesses as accountants in Salisbury and the surrounding areas. We can offer you our assistance in helping you make sense of your accounts, but not only this, we can apply all of our knowledge and expertise to help you make important adjustments in order to increase profitability.

If you are based in Salisbury and require the assistance of expert accountants, allow us to offer a helping hand and provide our knowledge to you.

Fully qualified accountants and business advisors in Salisbury

Businesses throughout the city have already taken advantage of our services as expert accountants in Salisbury. Business owners based in Wiltshire and along the nearby south coast have benefitted from our knowledge and advice in helping them to properly understand their business accounts so that they can plan accordingly.

With the experience we possess and having operated for over 45 years, this has allowed us to work with many different types of businesses in multiple industries. Our various services include audit, tax returns and advice, payroll management, company secretary services and much more. Each of these services is completely unique to each client and will vary depending on the size and requirements of your business. We have already worked with businesses along New Street and Brunel Road, so you could be next to benefit from our expertise.

Our accountancy packages are suitable for businesses big and small and with varying financial knowledge, whether you are a business start-up or established company with many employees, so we will be able to offer our support in some capacity.

We understand that when you are choosing an accountancy firm, you will want a team that is highly experienced and trusted. We take the time to have a conversation with you free of charge so that you can understand our services better and see how we could support your business. We are confident that you will decide to work with us and if this is the case, we will clearly lay out our fees so that you can plan accordingly for the cost of our services. Call us on 01425 209897 or email to find out more about how we can help you. You can also visit our registered office near Salisbury in Ringwood to discuss how we can work with you.

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    For any accountancy questions you may have, leave it here and you can expect to hear back from us. You can also reach us by phone on 01425 209897 or email .

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    Personal tax accountant services in Salisbury

    Our accountancy services are not limited to just businesses, as we can also provide our personal tax accountant services in Salisbury. This involves us ensuring that you keep up with any personal tax matters such as deadlines for annual tax returns and inheritance tax advice. The team at our Salisbury office have dealt with multiple different personal tax situations over their years of experience, so will be able to offer assistance and advice to you and your loved ones in simple terms that you can understand.

    Meet PAM, she has all the information you need

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    Knowledgeable tax accountants in Salisbury

    We work with clients from different industries and in different circumstances, which is why we have to adjust our services to suit them. We have a range of different packages available to support you when it comes to tax guidance, so we will be able to offer something that fits your requirements.

    Many business owners may feel confident managing their accounts and submitting tax returns on time, whereas for others this can be a complex process. As your business grows, you may find the process of keeping your accounts up to date and submitting your returns to be a more time-consuming exercise. Our Baxter & Co. accountants offer varying levels of support depending on your needs, providing you with tax services and advice to help your business become more tax efficient.

    Our expertise means that we can offer our assistance when it comes to capital gains, tax returns, inheritance tax, trust tax and more. We can help guarantee that you never miss a tax deadline, and you can protect your finances for the long-term.

    The latest accountancy technology – Baxter & Co app

    In order to keep your accounts at your fingertips at all times, you can take advantage of our mobile app. Baxter & Co utilises the latest software so that you can view your finances on demand.

    The app is available on both the App Store and Google Play, and will allow you to view your latest up to date figures, with all of this data useful in helping you measure performance against targets and plan effectively for the future. Our team are on hand to help you understand the meaning behind these figures, helping you to get the most out of this data.

    Our Baxter & Co app runs in partnership with online accounting platform QuickBooks, and the ease of access it provides could be invaluable to you and your business as it grows. The set-up process is straightforward and carried out at a reasonable cost to get you up and running as soon as possible.

    To speak to our professional accountants regarding the Baxter & Co app or any other enquiries in Salisbury, give us a call on 01425 209897 or email .

    Our team at Baxter & Co, Chartered Certified Accountants

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    Andrew Meredith</br><span class="job-title">Audit & Accounts Partner</span>
    Christopher Jones</br><span class="job-title">Audit & Accounts Partner</span>
    Louise Hallsworth</br><span class="job-title"> Audit Partner</span>
    Gemma Chan</br><span class="job-title">Audit Manager</span>
    Mary Tran</br><span class="job-title">Corporate Tax Manager</span>
    Roger Killick</br><span class="job-title">SAGE Consultant</span>
    Spencer Clewley</br><span class="job-title">Accounts Manager</span>

    If you would like to come in for a chat, please call us on 01425 209897.

    “My accountant had been advising me to switch to Sage Accounting and Payroll for ages but I was reluctant to learn a new system. However, with the new workplace pension and the way our business was growing, I knew that I was going to have to make the move.

    I signed up for two courses run by Sage but unfortunately these courses were so generic and geared towards much larger businesses that I ended up even more confused and reluctant to switch.

    Then along came Roger. Not only did he install all of the software and get it set up so I was ready to go, he explained everything in a way that I could understand, concentrating on the basics that actually related to my business and allowing me to master that before moving onto the next area. His step by step guidance was invaluable and despite my initial reluctance, Roger’s enthusiasm for Sage has actually rubbed off and now I wonder why I waited so long.”

    Watch this video to see how we have helped grow the business of one of our clients.


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