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Baxter & Co. have offered services as accountants to businesses in Sevenoaks for over 40 years. While helping businesses to fully comprehend their accounts, we know there is more to accountancy than financial figures. We use the financial and commercial knowledge, experience and skills that our team holds to offer guidance to our clients, advance their business and increase profitability.

If you are in Sevenoaks and looking for an accountant, we can help your business achieve its financial objectives by offering sound commercial advice.

Baxter & Co. offer their services to many Sevenoaks based businesses

Baxter & Co. offer their services as business advisors and accountants to many Sevenoaks based businesses, and are approachable and friendly. With a passion for helping businesses by sharing our knowledge, we offer clear business guidance on all accountancy matters.

We have a diverse range of clients from businesses of all sizes and our services, which include auditing, accounting, tax and payroll services, can be tailored to meet the needs of both new and long-established businesses.

Our aim is to provide a range of accountancy packages that make dealing with company finances easier for businesses of any size.

If you are looking for a well-established and experienced accountancy firm, talk to us about your business needs and we can help find which of our service packages will be of most benefit. We do not charge for the initial conversation, and should you choose to become a client, our fees are clear and transparent.

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Personal tax accountant services in Sevenoaks

As well as business accountants, Baxter & Co. also offer their services as personal tax accountants in Sevenoaks. We offer services to look after all personal tax matters, including annual tax returns and inheritance tax, for individuals, partners, and trusts. As with our business tax services, we will provide clear guidance for even the most complex and multifaceted personal tax matters.

Need the services of an expert tax accountant in Sevenoaks?

Our clients all have different needs, so as experienced tax accountants we have different packages and solutions to meet those needs.

Many businesses keep up to date accounts, and find the financial side of business easy to administrate. Others have strengths in other areas of their business, and completing tax returns is left until the last minute. Baxter & Co. offer tax accountancy services to meet the needs of all clients.

We can offer advice and guidance to all businesses and individuals on tax returns, capital gains, inheritance tax and trust tax.

Our services provide short-term solutions to bring tax returns up to date and long-term planning to secure the financial future for you and your family.

Smarter accountancy technology with BaxterConnect

Using the latest smart phone technology, BaxterConnect can offer you live access, to your financial data.

You can make informed decisions, respond to changes quickly and keep up to speed with all the latest financial information for your business. To help you to understand the facts behind the numbers we have a team ready to help.

Working in partnership with QuickBooks, the powerful online accounting platform, we offer an invaluable solution at a reasonable cost, which seamlessly scales as your business does.

If you need a professional to act as your accountant, call Baxter & Co., we are ready to take your call. Or, if you prefer, you can email us at 

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